My Story

I have long dreamed

I have long toyed a dream!
Become a professional breeder of Afghan Hounds.

You find in me a passion and expertise!

Dog and feline mowing and grooming Beauty salon owner
Toilettage Elegance has establish in the town of Mont-Tremblant since 1999.
There was something missing in my loop.

Today I realize!

I dreamed of an exceptional and unique breeding with a pure beauty and elegance, equipped with a gorgeous coat, accompanied by an intense posture. A breeding that we never get tired of admiring. Then I found it...
The Afghan hound, wow!

L'Elegance Afghan Greyhound breeding

The breeding kennel is a family, private and professional type. We are well located in nature in the Canadian province of Quebec, in the heart of the beautiful Laurentians region. All my hearth is with my family and our dogs. It took me a lot of rigor and perfection! These are strong dogs with genetic quality.


All just me! Nancy Alarie