Breed Standard



Places of origin



Afghan, British




Male: 68-74 cm
Female: 63-69cm

Ideal weight

Approximately 27 kg





The Afghan Hound

It is a majestic and elegant race, which however should not be judged solely on its aesthetic qualities. Indeed, Afghan Hounds are extremely agile and very robust. They can move quickly over the roughest terrain.


The body is inscribed in a square, deep chest and abdomen is retracted. The head is carried high and the neck is long and strong. The muzzle is elongated, with truffede color matched to the dress. Eyes, slanting, dark gold color are preferred. The ears are long, covered with silky hair, set on low and carried close to the head. The dress is made of a silky coat and log except the midline of the back and head, where it is short and fine. Ears and legs are heavily fringed, while the head is topped by long, silky hair like his hair. All colors are permitted. Tail, not too short, is set low, carried high when the dog is in action. It is closed at the tip, with feathery tufts.


Also called Kabul dog, this breed is in Afghan paintings dating back to 4000 years of Greek tapestry VI century BC. J. - C. Probably originated in the Middle East, it spread through trade with Afghanistan and was used for hunting antelope, gazelle, wolves and snow leopards.


It is a lively, independent and sociable, but he suffers if he feels abandoned by his master. Today it is mostly used as a companion dog.

Care and Habitat

The maintenance of the dress is a great work. It can adapt to apartment life, but it must be regular long walks.

* The Afghan hound is a very good companion dog, quiet and never intrusive.

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